ConvertKit Integrations FAQs

I'm starting to compile a list of questions I get about ConvertKit integrations. Here are some that deal with the most frequently asked topics, together with my replies. I hope you find them helpful.

Q. How do I connect various forms with various tags within CK? It seems like only one CK tag can be connected to one form. Is there a way to connect each form/survey to various tags on CK?

Each of your cf7 forms needs a form set up in ck. Then you match the specific cf7 form to the specific ck form by following Step 6 from my post. As in this image:
Inline images 1
It's the number in the address for the specific ck form (in red above) that ties that ck form with a specific cf7 form on your site. Every ck form has a unique number.
If you then want to tag the subscribers to that form for whatever reason you can do that in the automation tab by making an automation rule:
When use subscribes to a form –> Add tag.
Usually you don't need to tag because a form acts just like a tag ie anything you can do with a tag, you can do with a form.
Btw I found this video useful for understanding the use of forms and tags.