Internet Communication Research and Design


I'm interested in understanding how people communicate, relate and behave on the Internet, Social Media and the Web.

I do independent research, write and publish in books, academic journals, and online.

I provide academic website design services for researchers, authors, educators and therapists.

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Internet communication research and strategy


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[clear-line]I've been researching computer-mediated communication and online behaviour since the start of the Internet, and I contribute to design and strategy projects as well as Internet psychology.

My Internet research has been cited over 8,000 times in books and journal articles.

I support my research through my Digital Consultancy: coaching and assisting authors, academics, businesses and non-profits to build their online platform, increase conversions, or create more impact.

I believe that people's control over their online presence is one of the most pressing issues for the Internet today. I help people manage their online communications using research, training, information and design. You can read here about my research and consultancy services.

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