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About this project

Len wanted a website to provide information about his personal counselling service, and a way for potential clients to contact him easily. It was important to keep the design clean, light, and easy to use, and the project within his limited budget.

Len's also a published poet but we decided to keep his first website focused on his counselling practice. Rather than show pictures of the counselling room, we opted to show a tranquil outside resting spot, which was reminiscent of the countryside near to Len's practice. We added some information about his practice, client testimonials, and a simple contact form.

sample therapist website service description
sample therapist website testimonials

This was a straightforward little project, but it was important that the website should have the right feel, so we wanted something a bit different from the usual service style website. The concept of place was important, and Len really liked the idea of using some countryside imagery. We tried several ideas before finding the rustic bench.

Alongside this, we went through several iterations of the text on the site, as it was important to get this right too. I encouraged Len to get some testimonials from previous clients and the whole thing came together on a single page, with just one link to the Contact page.

sample therapist website call to action
sample therapist website contact page

The website was then optimised for speed and security, as well as for search engines (SEO). It's hosted on a local server and managed under my small website site care plan, which takes care of all the technical maintenance for Len.

This was a classic set-and-forget project: once Len was happy with the design and content of the website, he could leave it to carry on working for him without any intervention by him.

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