Website Managed Hosting and Site Care

For Researchers, Academics, Authors, Consultants and Therapists

About this Project

Ruth Yeoman already had a personal academic website set up by a commercial web design agency, but she wanted someone who understood her professional needs to look after all the technical aspects of hosting and maintaining her site, and at an affordable price.

I transferred her website to my server and made sure everything was up-to-date, secured, and backed up. I then fixed a few errors and improved website speed, so it would load fast for her audience all over the world. You can read more technical details of my Site Care plans below.

Website Care Plans

I provide a cost-effective personal website management service tailored to the requirements of researchers, academics, authors, consultants and therapists. The following features and services are included for a low monthly price to give quality web hosting, reliable performance, security and peace of mind. My annual plan is even more cost-effective.

  • Reliable, professional web hosting under my supervision on a shared web server at a location of your choice (USA/Europe/Asia)
  • Free website migration (if required)
  • Guarantee of normal functioning of website as designed
  • Ultra-reliable web hosting (99.9% uptime commitment).
  • Use of website caching services to ensure that your website is  fast and reliable for visitors.
  • Use of a Content Distribution Network (CDN) to ensure that your website is  globally fast (if required).
  • Handling of hosting technical support issues on your behalf with the Hosting Provider.
  • Regular (normally monthly) software updates to WordPress scripts, themes, plugins and server.
  • Maintenance and renewal of usual software licenses necessary for the operation of your website (there may be a small annual renewal charge for additional site-specific licenses (to be advised and agreed).
  • Continuous security monitoring.
  • Configuration of your website to help prevent malicious attacks or hacking by a third party.
  • Daily encrypted backups of your website database securely stored offsite.
  • Weekly encrypted backups of your entire website securely stored offsite
  • Emailed monthly report including traffic statistics to your website.
  • Annual renewal of your website domain name.
  • Free advice on website design improvements, and recommended plugins.
  • Discount on my web Design service.
  • Discount on my  Search Engine Optimisation service (SEO).
  • Discount on my Book Landing Page design service.
  • Discount on my Email List Building service.

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