How to Export your Publications from Google Scholar for your Academic Website

A quick video and instructions to help you import your publications into you academic website. Google Scholar will export your publications list in BibTeX format. This method uses an online convertor to convert the BibTeX format into one of several standard reference list formats, such as APA, which you can then paste into your Publications web page. This is one of several ways to get your publications onto your website in a clean format.

People often try to paste their publications directly from their CV into their webpage, but the formatting of a typical CV, which often includes Tabs or Tables, does not work well in a web page.

See my post about building the Publications page of your academic website for several more ways to get your publications from your CV into your academic website..


  1. Go to your Google Scholar page at
  2. Click on the checkbox to the left of TITLE.
  3. Click on the EXPORT button that appears.
  4. Select BibTeX.
  5. Select either “All my articles” or “selected articles” and click Export.
  6. The publications appear in BibTeX format. From the File menu in your browser, choose Save Page As…
  7. Change the default .txt extension to .bib and save the file.
  8. Go to
  9. Upload your .bib file.
  10. Select which output format you want, e.g., APA.
  11. Click the Convert button.
  12. Select the file format to download e.g., Microsoft Word.
  13. Copy and paste the publications into the Publications page of your academic website.

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