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  • Full-text Journal Articles (PDF)
  • Full-text Book Chapters (PDF)
  • Including Reference Lists and Figures
  • Computer-Mediated Communication
  • Social Identity Model of De-individuation Effects (SIDE)
  • Personal Relationships
  • Emotion Communication

Disaster Report

  • 82 page report (PDF)
  • CBRN Focussed
  • Reviews 25 Incidents, 182 References
  • Includes Reference Lists and Figures
  • Emergency Response
  • Community Response
  • Business Continuity
  • Academic and Grey Literature

Statistics Course

Introduction to Path Analysis

  • What is Path Analysis?
  • A Quick Review of Regression
  • Moderation and Mediation Explained
  • Differences between Moderation and Mediation
  • Example of a Basic Test of Mediation
  • Mediation Analysis: Procedures and Tests
  • Causal Steps to Establish Mediation
  • Barron and Kenny (1986) Criteria for Mediation
  • Mediator Acting as a Suppressor
  • Testing for Significant Mediation

Download Disaster Resources

  • Full-text articles and Full length reports (PDF)
  • Reference lists and Endnote Bibliographies
  • Survey items and Questionnaires
  • Checklists and Recommendations