2. A Quick Review of Regression

What is Simple Regression? What is Multiple Regression?

In simple regression a single dependent or criterion variable is related to a single independent variable or predictor variable.

Multiple regression is an extension of simple regression in which the criterion is regressed against several potential predictors.

Simple and multiple regression defined


For example, a simple regression might be: can marital satisfaction be predicted from the degree of personality similarity between partners?

In other words, marital satisfaction is regressed against the degree to which the partners have similar personalities.

Simple regression


A multiple regression might be: can marital satisfaction be predicted from personality similarity, and age difference of partners?

Regression models are variations of two basic types, moderation, and mediation, and I'll describe these next. Recognizing the difference between moderation and mediation is important, both conceptually – they are often confused in psychology – and practically. The techniques for testing moderation and mediation models are different.

Multiple Regression


Here’s our example incorporating moderation i.e., an interaction between the two main factors.

Multiple regression with moderation

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